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        Round Windows
        Square Windows
        Cuboid Windows
        Sapphire Windows
        Ge Windows

        Single Lens
        Complex Lens
        Cylinderical Lens
        Ball & Half-ball Lens

        Selective Absorption
        Neutral Grey

        Aluminized Flat Mirror
        Aluminized Concave Mirror
        Dielectric Mirror
        Laser Mirror
        Right-angle Prism
        Penta Prism
        Corner Cube Retroreflector
        Dove Prism
        Roof Prism
        Wedge Prism

 Sapphire Optics
        Sapphire Window
        Sapphire Rod
        Sapphire Blades
        Sapphire & Ruby Ball
        Ruby Bearings

        Germanium (Ge)
        Silicon (Si)
        Single-layer AR
        Multi-layer AR
        Broadband Multi-layer AR
        Metallic HR
        Dielectric HR

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 Welcom to Creator Optics!                   
    Your Focus, Our Focus!
  Creator Optics is one of a famous leading manufacturer and supplier of optical lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, filters, Sapphire optics and other custom-made components in China. Over 15 years experience insure offer high-precision products and excellent services for the customer all over the world.
  Creator Optics can made a wide range of optical components that made of optical glass, Fused Silica, Sapphire monocrystal, Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si), ZnSe, BaF2, CaF2, Pyrex, Borofloat, etc.  
  All of these products are perfect application for Optical Assembly, Machinery, Medial, Laser system and so on.  
  Creator Optics is certified with ISO9001-2000 Quality Assurance System. It will ensure the quality of our products with quality management and effective customer service...

     *Featured Optical components:

ZnSe Window & Lens          Optical Lens Assembly          Ge Optics

        Optical Assembly                    Fused Silica Optics          Sapphire Optics

        Special Custom-made               Laser Mirror                   Mounted Lens

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Add: No. 97, Luxiying, Gulou District,
        Nanjing 210037, China
Tel: +86-25-83427907
ax: +86-25-83426285 ext 808


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