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 Welcome to Creator Optics!

Creator Optics - Specializing in the processing and coating of sapphire, germanium and various optical components,

is one of a famous leading manufacturer of optics located in China. Relying on years of professional optical processing and coating experience accumulated to provide customers around the world with high-precision products and high-quality services. The main products are optical lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, filters, mirrors, light-guides, wedges, balls and half-balls, rods, tubes, and other custom-made optical components.

  In addition to processing a full range of optical glass components, Creator Optics can also process all kinds of other optical materials and laser crystal components. Such as Fused Silica, Sapphire, Germanium ( Ge ), Silicon ( Si ), ZnSe, BaF2, CaF2, Pyrex, Borofloat, etc.

  All of these products are perfect application for Optical Assembly, Machinery, Medial, Laser system and so on. Creator Optics is certified with ISO9001-2015 Quality Assurance System. It will ensure the quality of our products with quality management and effective customer service.

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*Featured Optical Components:

znse windows ipl-light-guides germanium-window
ZnSe Windows IPL Light Guides Germanium
laser_protective_window fusedsilica optics sapphire components
Laser Windows Quartz Windows Sapphire
fused-silica-lens laser mirrors mountedlens
Quartz Lenses Laser Mirrors Optical Coatings

Q: What does Creator Optics do?
A: Creator Optics offers a wide range of customized optical components and derivatives and services to customers around the world. Especially the processing and coating of sapphire, germanium, Fused Silica and other products.
Q: What are the advantages of Creator Optics?
A: Creator Optics has a wealth of experience, superb technology, sophisticated equipment, advanced management, high-quality resources and perfect product supply chain. Creator Optics has accumulated a lot of experience in optical design, optical processing, optical coating, etc.
Q: What are the main products of Creator Optics?
A: Creator Optics focuses on processing and coating of custom sapphire windows, sapphire optical components, germanium optical components and conventional optics. Products have covered from ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, mid-infrared and other optical components and systems. Please browse the company's product introduction for more detailed specifications...
Q: Where to buy or customize optical components?
A: Creator Optics accepts orders for faxes or emails. For more detailed information about purchasing policies or custom products, please contact our sales engineers.
News :
point  Fused Silica Bandpass Filters, spectral curve and standard stock products. / (Oct.20, 2022 by M.D.)
point  Enhanced Gold Coating on sapphire substrate / (Oct.20, 2022 by M.D.)
point  Quality HR Coatings for infrared application / (Mar.01, 2022 by NP.D.)
point Creator Optics has successfully produced sapphire NBP filters at middle infrared wavelength. NBP @ 4.68nm, 4680nm./ (Nov.08, 2021 by NP.D.)
point DUV HR FILTER, High quality DUV HR coating at 193nm, AOI=45 Deg, UVFS, R=92% to 95%@193nm. Contact us for details. / (Aug.06, 2020 by M.D.)
point Hi-precision sapphire window with anti-reflection and ITO coating. Contact us for details. / (May.15, 2020 by M.D.)
point May promotion: AR coated sapphire window, download the latest AR Coated Sapphire window inventory table or request customization. / (Apr.29, 2019 by S.D.)
point The company's new type Sapphire Gas detection window has been successfully incorporated into the list of major medical device accessories purchases. / (Apr.18, 2019 by M.D.)
point Sapphire rods can be used as precision liquid pump stem. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness. / (Mar.26, 2019 by RA.D.)
point In order to improve surface accuracy, production and R & A departments work together to overcome difficulties. At present, the flatness of the Sapphire window can reach 1/8 lambda per inch. / (Feb.20, 2019 by RA.D.)
point Creator Optics has a breakthrough was made in the mass production of the T-shape sapphire windows. / (Jan.15, 2019 by M.D.)
point CreatorOptics successful in micro sapphire optical components, the minimum size of micro sapphire components is 0.3mm. / (Oct.22, 2018 by M.D.)
point Creator Optics customize sapphire components for optics, laser and medical equipments. / ( Setp.3rd, 2018 by S.D.)
point The company has obtained the latest standard ISO certification.. / ( Mar.25, 2018 by Q.D.)

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