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point Windows
        Round Windows
        Square Windows
        Cuboid Windows
        Sapphire Windows
        Ge Windows
point Lenses
        Single Lens
        Complex Lens
        Cylinderical Lens
        Ball & Half-ball Lens
point Filters
        Selective Absorption
        Neutral Grey
point Mirrors
        Aluminized Flat Mirror
        Aluminized Concave Mirror
        Dielectric Mirror
        Laser Mirror
point Prisms
        Right-angle Prism
        Penta Prism
        Corner Cube Retroreflector
        Dove Prism
        Roof Prism
        Wedge Prism

point Sapphire Optical Components
        Sapphire Window
        Sapphire Rod
        Sapphire Blades
        Sapphire & Ruby Ball
        Ruby Bearings
point Crystal
        Germanium (Ge)
        Silicon (Si)
point Coating
        Single-layer AR
        Multi-layer AR
        Broadband Multi-layer AR
        Metallic HR
        Dielectric HR

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 Welcom to CreatorOptics!

Creator Optics - Specializes in Sapphire, Germanium and various Optical components

is one of a famous leading manufacturer of optics located in China. Over fifteen years experience in optical processing insure offer high-precision products and excellent services for the customer all over the world. The company offers a variety of traditional optical components as well as custom optical components. The main products are optical lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, filters, mirrors, light-guides, wedges, balls and half-balls, rods, tubes, and other custom-made optical components.

  In addition to processing a full range of optical glass components, CreatorOptics can also process all kinds of optical and laser crystal components. Such as Fused Silica, Sapphire, Germanium ( Ge ), Silicon ( Si ), ZnSe, BaF2, CaF2, Pyrex, Borofloat, etc.


All of these products are perfect application for Optical Assembly, Machinery, Medial, Laser system and so on. Creator Optics is certified with ISO9001-2015 Quality Assurance System. It will ensure the quality of our products with quality management and effective customer service.

*Featured Optical components:    
znse windows
germanium window
ZnSe Windows & Lenses
Optical Lens Assembly
Germanium Optical Components
fusedsilica optics
sapphire components
Optical Assembly
Fused Silica Optical Components
Sapphire Windows and Components
laser mirrors
Special Custom-made
Laser Mirrors
Mounted Lens

Q: What does CreatorOptics do?
A: CreatorOptics offers a wide range of customized optical components and derivatives and services to customers around the world.
Q: What are the advantages of CreatorOptics?
A: CreatorOptics has a wealth of experience, superb technology, sophisticated equipment, advanced management, high-quality resources and perfect product supply chain.
Q: What are the main products of CreatorOptics?
A: CreatorOptics specializes in a wide range of customized sapphire windows, sapphire optical components, Germanium optical components and traditional optical components.
News :
point In order to improve surface accuracy, production and R & A departments work together to overcome difficulties. At present, the flatness of the Sapphire window can reach 1/8 lambda per inch. /(Feb.20, 2019 by RA.D.)
point CreatorOptics has a breakthrough was made in the mass production of the T-shape sapphire windows. /(Jan.15, 2019 by M.D.)
point CreatorOptics successful in micro sapphire optical components, the size of micro sapphire components. /(Oct.22, 2018 by M.D.)
point CreatorOptics customize sapphire components for optics, laser and medical equipments. /( Setp.3rd, 2018 by S.D.)
point The company has obtained the latest standard ISO certification.. /( Mar.25, 2018 by Q.D.)

Sapphire Windows Sapphire Rods Sapphire IPL Light Guides  
Round Sapphire Windows Micro Sapphire Rods  
Rectangular Sapphire Windows Sapphire Tips    
Sapphire T-step Windows Sapphire Tapered Rods  
Sapphire Cone Windows      
Large Sapphire Windows Sapphire Balls and Bearings  
Micro Sapphire Windows Sapphire Ball and Half-ball    
Sapphire Wedge Windows Sapphire Bearings  
Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows      
  Sapphire Viewport  
Sapphire Lenses    
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