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Optical Filters

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    The optical filter is an optical component used to divide the incident light into two transmittance and reflected beams at a specified wavelength according to the wavelength. It is widely used in spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, clinical chemistry and mechanical vision industries. Optical filters combine material properties and optical coating technology to cover UV to infrared band applications.

    Creator Optics ( CNCO ) is able to customize a variety of optical filters according to customer requirements. The main products are optical colored glass filters, long wave pass filters, short wave pass filters, band-pass filters, neutral density filters, infrared cut filters and so on.

    Colored glass filters serve as broadband, bandpass, or long wave pass filters. They absorb light of a specific color, while transmitting the balance. The thicker the filter, the more it will absorb. Creator Optics has a wide range of filter glass available for transmitting and/or absorbing light in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) regions within specific portions of the spectrum.

    Applications areas include:

  • Industry
  • Scientific
  • Research
  • Military
  • Night Vision
   Common types of colored glass:
   arrowCut-off Glass
   arrowSelective Absorption Glass
   arrowNeutral Density Glass
   arrowInfrared Glass
   arrowHeat Abosrbing Glass
   arrowSkylight Glass

    dot Surface Quality: 80/50, 60/40, 40/20, 20/10, 10/5.

   All-dielectric Bandpass Filters:
   arrowFused Silica Bandpass Filter CWL460A


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