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Home > Products > Filters > Bandpass Filters

Bandpass Filters


Brief of Bandpass Filters

    The bandpass filter is highly transmissive in the spectral region of its passband. It rejects both shorter and longer wavelengths contiguous to its passband, thus allowing it to isolate a limited region of the spectrum. A bandpass may be constructed two ways: with only all-dielectric non-absorbing layers coating or with combinations of non-absorbing and absorbing metal layers. The spectral width of its passband can be as small as a fraction of a nm for a filter, for example for filters used in fiber optical communications.

    Creator Optics can provides various banpass filters according to customer requirements. These bandpass filters can be UV, visible, near-infrared, mid-far infrared in different application bands. The material of the substrate can also be selected according to different applications.

Substrate specifications of bandpass filters

Material of Bandpass Filters

Size Tolerance of Bandpass Filters

NBK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire, Germanium, etc

Dimensions +/-0.1mm, Thickness +/-0.1mm, Parallelism 1 arc min

Fused Silica standard band-pass filters

    Fused Silica 460nm band-pass filter for biochemical instruments

Transmittance Curve of Bandpass Filter

Standard Products of Bandpass Filters


460A, 460B



For more detailed specifications of these optical filters or other special products, please contact us.


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