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Add: No. 97, Luxiying,
        Gulou District,
        Nanjing 210037,

el: +86-25-83427907
ax: +86-25-83426285 ext 808


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   Add: Changjiang Science Park,
           No.97, Luxiying, Gulou District,
           Nanjing 210037, China
  Tel:  (86) 25 83427907    (86) 25 83426285
  Fax: (86) 25 83426285 ext 808

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Sapphire Windows Sapphire Rods Sapphire IPL Light Guides  
Round Sapphire Windows Micro Sapphire Rods  
Rectangular Sapphire Windows Sapphire Tips    
Sapphire T-step Windows Sapphire Tapered Rods  
Sapphire Cone Windows      
Large Sapphire Windows Sapphire Balls and Bearings  
Micro Sapphire Windows Sapphire Ball and Half-ball    
Sapphire Wedge Windows Sapphire Bearings  
Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows      
  Sapphire Viewport  
Sapphire Lenses    

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