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 Purchasing Information
  Purchasing order
  We accept orders by fax, e-mail or mail. In order to accept the orders conveniently, we
  hope the customers to give us the following information:
  1. The detailed information, specifications, drawings or text descriptions of the products
      that thecustomers order.
  2. The quantity of the products and other requirements.
  3. The information about the customers ,which including the following aspects:
      the whole name of the company, the name of the linkman/women and the telephone.

Prices and the delivery date
  We will provide the most competitive prices. The detailed terms will be contracted in the
  contracts. We will elect the quickest delivery dates according to the producing status and
  storing quantity.
  If you have a preferred shipping carrier, we would like to have the name, address,and
  phone number of your shipper, as well as your account number. If the shipment method is
  not specified,we will use the most efficient and economical shipping way.

  Orders should be prepaid before coming to an agreement. Customers pay for the bank
  transaction fee.

  All the products will have been guaranteed in quality by the purchasing date and
  correspond to the quality requested in material and workmanship. If the Buyer finds any
  problem in coming inspection, please return the rejected products together with the
  detailed detecting reports within 30 days from date of delivery. We will replace or modify
  all defective products within the shortest time. This warranty is void if the failure of
  product shave resulted from accidents, abuse or misapplication.

Sapphire Windows Sapphire Rods Sapphire IPL Light Guides  
Round Sapphire Windows Micro Sapphire Rods  
Rectangular Sapphire Windows Sapphire Tips    
Sapphire T-step Windows Sapphire Tapered Rods  
Sapphire Cone Windows      
Large Sapphire Windows Sapphire Balls and Bearings  
Micro Sapphire Windows Sapphire Ball and Half-ball    
Sapphire Wedge Windows Sapphire Bearings  
Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows      
  Sapphire Viewport  
Sapphire Lenses    

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