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Sapphire Tapered Rods


    CreatorOptics can make various sapphire tapered rods from Diameter 0.7 to 12mm.
    These rods have good polished round surface as well as general two plane
    high-precision polished surfaces. Super Precision machining Technology ensures
    that these rods have no chips. They are preferred to be used in precision laser
    instruments, such as Laser Dental Equipment, laser Laser Beauty Instruments and so on.
    These sapphire tapered rods have following types: a cylindrical rod with one end cone,
    a cylindrical rod with two flat conical surfaces, a cylindrical rod with four flat conical
    surfaces, etc.

Size Dia0.7mm to 12mm round, customize available
Length 10mm to 150mm, customize available
Tolerance +/-0.01 for Diameter and +/-0.1mm for length, customize available
Surface Quality 40/20 or 20/10 for end surface, fine ground or polished for cylinder
Flatness 1/4 lambda per inch @633nm, 1/8 lambda per inch @633nm
Conicity < 1/100
Chamfer fine ground, commercial polished
Material synthetic sapphire monocrystal

* Please Contact us for more informations of above products or other materail (BK7, Fused Silica).


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