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   Company Brief

                                      Nanjing Creator Optics Co., Ltd.
                      Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
                     Establish: 2003
                          Employee: 90
                                     Area: 6,000 sq ft
                       Speciality: Manufacturer and supplier of precision optical components and
                     Production: Precision optical components such as windows, lenses, prisms,
                                    filters, micro-optics, rod lenses, ball & half-ball lenses, cylindrical
                                    lenses, Sapphire optics, optcal coatings, IPL, light guide, crystal,
                                    IR optics, special custom-made optics, optical assembly
                          Facility: Single-axe Grinding & Polishing Machine, Four-axes Grinding &
                                    Polishing Machine, 20-axex Grinding & Polishing Machine,
                                    Double-axes Grinding & Polishing Machine, Planar Ringlike
                                    Grinding & Polishing Machine, Double-Plane Grinding & Polishing
                                    Machine, SIDAI Polishing Machine, Optical Centering Grinding
                                    Machine, Automatic Centering Edge Grinding Machine, 800DA
                                    Multi-layers High Vacuum Caoting Machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning
                                    Machine, 10X Microscope Inspecting Instrument, Autocollimation,
                                    Centricity, Centricity Meter, Table projector, Interference
                                    Microscope, UV-UIS-NIR Scanning Spectrophotometer, Planar

   The Obligation

          Kind-hearted, improvement, family!
          Observance, tolerance, refinement, wisdom!
          Help yourself when poor and help others when rich!



Sapphire Windows Sapphire Rods Sapphire IPL Light Guides  
Round Sapphire Windows Micro Sapphire Rods  
Rectangular Sapphire Windows Sapphire Tips    
Sapphire T-step Windows Sapphire Tapered Rods  
Sapphire Cone Windows      
Large Sapphire Windows Sapphire Balls and Bearings  
Micro Sapphire Windows Sapphire Ball and Half-ball    
Sapphire Wedge Windows Sapphire Bearings  
Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows      
  Sapphire Viewport  
Sapphire Lenses    

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