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Sapphire / Ruby Bearings, Through-hole, End-face, Groove

     Synthetic sapphire / ruby is second only to diamond in hardness and has been widely used in much industrial area due to its high toughness and strength. After good polishing, it has a very perfect friction resistance. This feature enable it to be used as a bearing or wear-resistant material in a variety of instrumentation, precision machinery and other fields.

     As a jewel bearing, it usually has the following three types: through-hole bearings, end-face bearings and groove bearings.


arrowSapphire / Ruby Through-hole Bearings

        ruby-bearings         through-hole-sapphire-ruby-bearing-DWG

     Sapphire / ruby through-hole bearings consist of a series of products, mainly used in a variety of precise chronograph, automatic memory devices, precision instruments and other devices of the rotating system of the support bearings.

    Creator Optics can provides the following main types of sapphire / ruby through-hole bearings: Plane straight/olive holed bearings, single-cup plane straight/olive holed bearings, double-cups plane straight/olive holed bearings, raised olive holed bearings, and single-cup raised olive holed bearings, etc.

  Common Specifications of Sapphire / Ruby Through-hole Bearings:

Outside Diameter (D) Diameter from 0.5mm to 200mm
Tolerance of "D" 0.004 - 0.05mm
Height (t) 0.10 - 200mm
Tolerance of "t" +/-0.01m
Inner Diameter (d) 0.05 - 180mm
Tolerance of "d" 0.004 - 0.06mm
"R" of Inner hole >2t

SR Cup/Raised curvature radius

Surface Roughness Working surface: Rz0.05-Rz0.2, Assembly and sink surface: Rz3. 2
Materials Synthetic CZ/KY sapphire, ruby


arrowSapphire / Ruby End-face Bearings

        end-face-sapphire-ruby-bearing        end-sruface-bearing-DWG

     Sapphire / ruby End-face bearings are usually used in conjunction with sapphire / ruby through-hole bearings and are mainly used to support and withstand the effects of thrust. They have high hardness, good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, and after good polishing, the working surface roughness can reach 0.01 microns.

    Creator Optics can produce the following main types of end-face sapphire / ruby bearings: Plane end-face bearings, Spherical end-face bearings.

  Common Specifications of Sapphire / Ruby End-face Bearings:

Diameter (D) from 0.8mm to 5mm
Tolerance of "D" 0.004 to 0.05mm
Height (H) 0.4 to 2.0mm
Tolerance of "H" +/-0.01mm
"R" of edges 0.05 to 0.12mm
Surface Roughness Working surface: Rz0.01-Rz0.2, Assembly and sink surface: Rz3. 2
Materials Synthetic CZ/KY sapphire, ruby


arrowSapphire / Ruby Groove Bearings, Cup Bearings

        end-face-sapphire-ruby-bearing        end-sruface-bearing-DWG

     Sapphire / ruby Groove bearings ( Cup Bearings) are mainly used in electronic instruments, hot water measuring instruments, liquid measuring instruments and single-phase / three-phase KHW meters of the motion system shaft support parts.

    Creator Optics can produce the following main types of sapphire / ruby groove bearings ( Cup Bearings ): spherical bearing, conical bearings, double cups on one face bearing, and single cup on double surfaces bearing. These shapes are shown in the figure above.

  Common Specifications of Sapphire / Ruby Groove Bearings:

Outside Diameter (D) from 0.8mm to 25mm
Tolerance of "D" h7 to h9
Height (H) 0.3 to 25.0mm
Tolerance of "H" 0.01 to 0.10mm
Curvature radius "SR" 0.10 to 150mm
Tolerance of "SR" +/-0.01 to +/-2mm
Groove / Cup depth "h" 0.05 to 12mm
Tolerance of "h" +/-0.01 to +/-0.1mm
Tapered Groove Angle "a" 40 to 160D
Tolerance of "a" +/-5D
Surface Roughness Working surface: Rz0.05-Rz0.8, Assembly and sink surface: Rz3. 2
Materials Synthetic CZ/KY sapphire, ruby


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