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Home > Blog > Brief of Sapphire Optical Window

Brief of Sapphire Optical Windows

     A sapphire optical window is an optical component with a double parallel plane like other traditional optical windows. It is used in optical systems to isolate two spaces while ensuring that light passes through well. A typical sapphire optical window is made of synthetic sapphire crystals and can follow different crystal orientations. Its geometry can be round, rectangular and other special types. Today, sapphire optical windows have a wide range of applications such as optical imaging systems, observation and inspection systems, and laser output systems, etc. In order to better understanding of sapphire optical windows, we will introduce the following topics:

  • Features of sapphire optical windows
  • Some of the main applications of sapphire optical windows
  • Material properties of synthetic sapphire single crystal
  • The process of making a sapphire optical window

What are the properties of a sapphire optical window?

  1. The transparent area of the sapphire optical window is very wide. It can cover a wave band range from 200 to 6000nm. According to the 1mm thick sapphire optical window sample test, in the range of 250nm~5000nm, there is more than 82% of its own transmittance.
  2. The hardness of the sapphire optical window is extremely high, which can well resist external damage such as scratches of sharp objects, wind and sand erosion.
  3. The mechanical strength of the sapphire optical window is also high. The drop test under the same thickness conditions showed that the test data of the sapphire optical window was much better than the optical window of other materials.
  4. Sapphire optical windows have excellent heat resistance and can resist high-intensity hot and cold shocks without breaking.

What are the applications of sapphire optical windows?

High-quality sapphire optical windows have a wide range of applications. Typical applications include industrial and medical equipment, air and gas analyzers/monitors, high intensity xenon lamps, cryogenic viewport, oil pipeline monitoring, spacecraft window, etc.

What substrate material is suitable for a high-quality sapphire optical window?

The transmission area of sapphire single crystal covers a wide band range of ultraviolet, visible light, near-infrared and mid-wave infrared from 200nm~6000nm. To select the appropriate substrate material for a sapphire optical window, it is necessary to first determine its application wave band. For example, the sapphire optical window of 254nm or 308nm application requires strict selection of ultraviolet-grade ultrapure sapphire crystals. Creator Optics uses high-purity KY, CZ sapphire monocrystal ingots as raw materials. Once a material is specified, it must have good transmittance, minimal absorption and residual internal stress. Then, according to the design requirements, the sapphire crystal is oriented cutting and the shape geometry is processed. After these processes, a qualified sapphire optical window blank is obtained. These sapphire optical window blanks can be polished to different degrees to achieve different requirements of sapphire optical windows.

sapphire_crystal Substrate of Sapphire Optical Windows:
  • Optimal sapphire crystal growth
  • Pure synthetic sapphire crystal
  • Reliable annealing to relieve sapphire crystal internal stress
  • Proper sapphire crystal orientation
  • Optimal application wave band for sapphire optical windows
How to produce a sapphire optical window?
Creator Optics selects high-purity optical grade sapphire single crystal (Al2O3) as the windows substrates. These preferred materials are processed into the required precise external dimensional sapphire optical window blanks by laser orientation machines, CNC cutting machines, round grinding machines, multi-wire cutting machines and other equipment. They are then subjected to multi-step CMP to complete the precision polishing of the sapphire flat optical window. Now, the sapphire optical window with excellent surface quality, surface flatness and double-side parallelism characteristics has been completed. Many times, these sapphire optical windows can also be designed and coated with optical films to meet different applications and requirements.

At present, Creator Optics can customize the following specifications and series of sapphire optical windows and some optical coating:
How to guarantee the performance of sapphire optical windows?
All coated or uncoated sapphire optical windows supplied by Creator Optics are rigorously inspected. Certified raw material supplier, precise measurement of geometric dimensions, microscopic examination of surface quality, spectral measurement and environmental testing, etc. All of these sapphire optical windows coated with AR or uncoated have factory quality certification.

   * More details about the optical coating of sapphire optical window >>>

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* Inquire about in-stock products of sapphhire optical windows, please download the PDF inventory sheet or contact our sales engineers directly.

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